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Helping People Feel Better, Achieve their Goals, and find Happiness in Life!

Helping people feel better!  That's what I strive to do.  We all experience stress or circumstances in our lives that can become overwhelming for us. When this happens it can be helpful to find someone we can talk to in confidence, someone who really cares and understands.  It has been my privilege to have helped hundreds of people learn to find a better way.  Helping people feel better means that I need to first assess the physical, emotional, and relational status of the individual or couple.  Many times a person may come to their first appointment not knowing they are struggling with something like depression, anxiety or symptoms of stress or grief.  These and many others can be addressed and worked on in time.  Referrals to the primary care physician or a psychiatrist is recommended when symptoms are advanced enough and create difficulty for the person at work or at home.

Achieve Goals. This begins at the assessment and continues throughout the therapy process.  We change best when we have some direction and purpose to the therapy.  Goal-setting is determined by the person and the type of situation.  We will discuss what brought you to therapy in the first place and determine what it will take to help you feel better.  The goal will be to learn to work on yourself. Since it is very hard to try to change anyone else.  The therapy process may begin with work on personal and relational boundaries.  This can help a person know what they are responsible for and what they are not responsible for.  Goals are established in small enough increments that one has a reasonable hope of being successful at accomplishing them.  

Finding Happiness in Life.  What is that?  Many times people have lived with unhappiness so much they don't really believe they have the right to their own happiness or the right to try to pursue the things that will bring them more satisfaction, peace, or joy in life.  Happiness can be fleeting or temporary feeling . Joy, peace or inner contentment is much more satisfying.  What are the things in life that makes you tick?  What are the things you enjoy doing?  Where and when was the last time you were happy?  What have been the things that have robbed you from your inner joy or sense of contentment?  The answers to these and other questions will bring you closer down the road to finding your true joy in life.  Therapy can assist you in exploring the dream, passion, purpose  and desires you have or would like to have for your life. 

You Can Begin the Process of counseling.  Sometimes the hardest part is just making the first phone call.  Make that call today.  Begin the process of working on yourself to make things better.  You will be glad you did. Tim will be there to assist you along the way with your personal journey of inner health and healing.  If you have questions, don't be afraid to call and get them answered.  You are worth it no matter what others think or how others have treated you in the past.  You will begin to feel a sense of relief even after you have made the call and set up your first appointment.  Come and be encouraged and get help in finding yourself. You will be glad you did.


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